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So how are those Resolutions going????

Submitted by on January 10, 2010 – 11:13 am 2 Comments

Hey all my Greedy Girl Fans. I know I took a little extended holiday break, but don’t worry I have not abandoned the ship. So many exciting things are happening including a very big one.

*drum Rollllll* The Greedy Girl is getting MARRIED!!!!

Yup, we got engaged on  Christmas; I’m very excited and now have even more reason why we need to work on our inner Greedy Girl this year.

So I know you’ve are ready kicked off those New Years resolutions, and by now going into the 2nd week of January a little bit of struggle may have kicked in.

We’ll I figured I would share this great blog I found to help inspire you to stick with it.

We’ve all heard the saying it takes 21 Days to form a habit, we’ll the author of twentyonedayhabit.blogspot.com did just that. Her goal was to make a habit of running so she started with her goal one day at a time and now over 1000 days late running in her words has become an addiction. So take a look read her story get inspired and jump back on that resolution bandwagon.


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